Waiting for a Response

It seems as if America has become infected.

The diagnosis? A lethal case of incurable police-related conflicts.

Just as the 2014 tensions in Ferguson and Long Island began to subside, 2015 came along with its own handful of crises, most recently in Baltimore.

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Democracy in Africa

On Christmas Eve in 1951, the Kingdom of Libya gained its independence from Britain and France, forming a new monarchy under King Idris. Libya’s independence marked the beginning of one of the largest movements of the 20th century: the decolonization of Africa. In the course of three decades, 50 African nations gained political autonomy from the colonial powers of Western Europe. After Rhodesia became independent in 1980, European authority in Africa was essentially non-existent.

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Third Time's a Charm

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is spreading like a wildfire. Celebrities, athletes and millions of others have taken part in the social media phenomenon, which involves dumping a bucket of icy water over one’s head to raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Even a handful of politicians have found the guts to participate.

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